• Building a world where no one feels alone

    A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization passionate about providing relief for children struggling with mental illness

  • What We Do

    Provide a safe place for mental health to flourish


    1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxieties on him, he truly cares​"

    We exist to helps schools around the country to create a space where children feel comfortable to go for help with handling their anxieties or other mental illnesses or just a place where they can go and take a deep breath from the stress of school.


    Rooted In Christ

    We are a Christian organization that has the ultimate goal to change the hearts of those in need to see Christ in hard times. We let every decision be guided by Christ, look to build meaningful and lasting relationships, and receive everyone with open arms and love.

  • Donations

    An exact amount of donations will be determined once a school is selected. However, Restore&Renew is always in need of money to further the mental health development of children around the country. If you feel called to make a monetary donation, please click the "donation" button below.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  • How does this work?

    Take a look!

    • After a school is nominated, we will work with them through the course of a school year on how they can make their school more mental health friendly.
    • We will do fundraisers throughout the year, where we will then present a check of all donations to the school at the end of the year to help their mental health programs flourish.
    • Talking with the students will be a high priority to be able to understand their needs and wants with self-care at their school.
    • We will then help the faculty to set up a room for their students where they can go to take a breath from a stressful day and have a safe place to talk about their mental health.
  • Nominate a School

    Instructions soon to come on how to nominate a school that you think is in need of a mental health safe haven! Stay tuned and be thinking of schools you think would greatly benefit from this organization!

  • Who We Are

    Meet the team!

    Lauren Tebbe


    After serving on many mission trips with Back2Back Ministries where we cared for orphans around the world, I felt inspired to start an organization where I, too, can give back: Restore&Renew. I saw the hurt and fear from their pasts that create anxiety in them. Even so, they still remained hopeful in the Lord. It brings me joy to see their precious smiles by providing them comfort and hope and I pray that Restore&Renew will be able to reach out to children locally in the same way.

    Courtney Regg

    Event Coordinator

    Hi everyone, I’m Courtney! I am an alumna of Bowling Green State University with a degree in Tourism, Leisure and Event Planning. Since graduating, I have worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation working with fundraising and development. In my free time, I love working on my calligraphy skills! I love working with Restore&Renew to help change lives and make sure no one feels alone.

    AJ Reed


    Restore&Renew has a big place in my heart. I see how anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more effect people's daily lives. I've also seen how weighted blankets and other sensory items help. To me this nonprofit builds a world where no one has to feel alone and instead feels cared for. I'm proud to be apart of something that can make these things more affordable and accessible for people in need.

    Jordyn Bruce

    Public Relations

    Getting to work with Restore&Renew to build a world where no one feels alone is an opportunity I am very blessed to have. Providing more affordable and accessible care to those in need both locally and internationally while spreading the word of God to them is a dream that I never would have imagined to be a part of. I am currently majoring in Public Administration with a focus on non-profit work through the University of Texas at San Antonio. Restore&Renew allows me to be involved even from San Antonio and to continue to spread the mission through Texas.

    Kaylee Logue

    Social Media Coordinator

    Hello, I'm Kaylee! I am currently studying Occupational Science at Eastern Kentucky University. My goal is to one day become an Occupational Therapist. When I began learning about Restore&Renew, I was immediately intrigued by the mission to serve and give back to those in need. I have always had a heart for helping others, so being a part of Restore&Renew is a perfect opportunity to do just that! It's truly a blessing.

    Nancy Tebbe, Peggy Heath, & Susan Tebbe

    Sewing Team

    Materials provided for the schools are made with love from these wonderful women! We wouldn't be who we were without these women and their passion for helping children around the country with mental illnesses. They have hearts of gold and are so selfless, we are so blessed to have them on our team!

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